Soma community

 Soma is a community of Yoga Teachers, Healers, Earthkeepers and artists and we sit around the sacred fire and we remember…

Dancing figuresCome and sit in the circle of light
Where fire spirits dance
To sounds that touch your hearts
And transform your life

Who are you?
Are you your life friend?
Why do you do what you do?
Do you listen to the voices of the circle?

Ritual is a way to merge the traditions of the past with the honouring of our present to make an investment in our future. In a modern lifestyle of manic activity, learning about ritual is a way to press the pause button to honour, celebrate, and flow with the various moments of our lives. Ritual invites us to step out of the momentum tunnel of going through the motions to consciously take time in our day to sit with the sacred and anchour our hearts in gratitude, be open to insight and inspiration as we dare to dream bigger dreams.

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 And all our Soma Hummingbirds flying out there practicing their magic

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