Soma Yoga School


Soma Trains Amazing Yoga Teachers

Soma is a unique set of yoga and integrative practices, it is an experience distilled into an elixir. And … it is so much more than that ….


Day after day let the yogi practice harmony of soul: in a secret place, in deep solitude, master of his mind, hoping for nothing, desiring nothing. (bhagavad gita)

Welcome to the Spirit of Soma

Truth has many paths that flow as rivers into an ocean. The one Truth carries itself in everything. Soma teaches you to trust your direct experience and your truth. It is your intuitive intelligence that guides and lights the way along the Yoga path.

Soma Yoga is the space that holds all paths. The technology of each path may differ slightly in content but the experience and context is the same.

Soma represents the culmination of everything to be experienced, studied and practiced. Soma Yoga is a cloth woven from many threads and its intention is to open your body and mind to the energetic principles of yoga practice and to cultivate your power.

Drinking deep of Soma will nourish the seeds of your becoming, seeds held deep within your human form, waiting to unfold for you.

Soma Yoga facilitates experience that is universal in nature but which must be discovered and rediscovered by each of us. The technology gives us the thread, the pattern is shown by the universe but our woven cloth is personal. Soma Yoga is the practical guide to experience ecstasy and freedom.

Come walk in beauty


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