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Sitting Close to the Teachings

Welcome to the Spirit of the Soma Yoga Training

The aim of this training is to develop and grow teachers like seeds that can share and evolve the work. The first student you will have as a teacher is yourself.

And as the light of one candle can light thousands of candles,
you must first illuminate your own consciousness.

Expanding, exploring and enriching, this unusual development programme offers studies and practice in yoga, healing methodologies, consciousness studies and more. With regular workshops, retreats, a summer school, online modules and ongoing mentoring.

Some profound wisdom is contained within the modules, fundamental truths about our nature gathered from ancient and modern traditions, all tested through experience.

If you know there is a path to tread, you’ll want some high quality maps to guide your journey. If you seek integration, wholeness and peace of mind-body-spirit, then you need to work with all three.

The Soma Yoga training uniquely gives you the big frameworks that connect, the deepest truths that underlie the content from so many sources and the experience that makes it all real.

This training will require commitment as your first step and then it simply flows, all you do is say ‘yes’. You will get the experience, the ingredients of the Soma elixir, the technology and then you make it your own and you learn how to mix the perfect elixir for yourself and others.

Our intention in putting on this training is to support the psycho-spiritual evolution of our species by creating a cadre of teachers who are:

  • physically, mentally and spiritually healthy
  • happy in their own skins
  • equipped with maps and tools for guiding and helping others
  • aware of a bigger picture and willing to work  in service of life itself

We have found that Soma Trainees tend to be:

  • open to learning about themselves
  • courageous in the face of challenges
  • disciplined enough to take each step fully and to maintain themselves for the journey
  • prepared to let go of unhelpful patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs and selfish behaviours
  • ready to accept their divine nature and to work with the same in others
  • flexible enough to integrate east and west, left and right, masculine and feminine
  • humble enough to honour tradition, ritual and rites of passage
  • strong enough to be themselves and to stand on their own two feet in the world
  • fearless in the context of the human predicament and an uncertain future
  • sensitive enough to work with subtle energies and notice small things
  • happy enough to laugh at themselves and not take life too seriously

A  journey of expansion, healing and becoming has no end point, it is an ongoing process without a final state. We have only marked out a milestone on this journey and called it Soma Practitioner. The steps to this place will broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding of self and others, provide you with healing tools and support your evolutionary unfolding.

Based in the mind-body wisdoms of several yoga traditions the programme incorporates shamanic practices from South America, Western models of evolutionary psychology, healing arts and skills, all woven together with music and poetry that resonates with the divine within us.

This training programme goes way beyond the instructor level qualifications available from many yoga schools. It requires that you are your first student and that you honour yourself as student before you step into the place of the teacher. The teaching qualification will be given when students are ready.

After reading the information here, if something inside you says a quiet but firm ‘Yes’, then you should contact us with some information about yourself. We are considering applications now and would like to open a dialogue with all prospective trainees.

Soma Yoga is registered with the Independent Yoga Network. This was a mindful choice by us and we support the deep integrity of IYN.

meet the team

Meet the team

Meet our extraordinary team, you will be guided on your journey by only the best in their field ….
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