Becoming a Soma Yoga Teacher

Soma on the mat

Soma – Train as a Yoga Teacher

Registered 200/500/1000 Hours IYN
This path offers a complete set of Yoga practices and teachings to facilitate the knowledge, health and spiritual openings needed to be a Yoga Teacher. Soma Yoga is an integrative system that blends ancient and modern knowledge with earth-centered practices. This is a foundation training to develop strong roots that will support your becoming a Soma Yoga Teacher.

You will discover a spectrum of opportunities for deepening your yoga practice and for furthering your skillfulness as a professional yoga guide. Echoing the biodiversity inherent in the surrounding environment, this is an equally diverse, interdisciplinary approach to yoga that places the highest value on delving into the very roots of yogic inquiry. When your understanding of yoga is grounded in your own experience, you will have a foundation for life-long learning and teaching – wherever your curiosity carries you.

Soma Yoga Training explores all of the fundamentals of what is common to all yoga styles, while enabling you to discover your unique expression and style of yoga and to create a context for offering your skills in a way that supports your life purpose. You’ll gain familiarity with teaching a wide range of classes for varying fitness and experience levels, and also gain confidence in adapting teaching methodologies that make your classes effective for the students and fulfilling for you.

Soma Yoga Therapist  – Advanced Modules

Registered 1000 Hours IYN

The Therapy Modules will increase your ability to respond to the special needs of your students. You will be able to teach from a deeper understanding of all yoga and the pranic energy that flows through you and your students. This training will take the lid off of what you think yoga postures are and take you back to where it all began; movement directed from within instead of without. This program refines your listening skills and ability to respond to the subtle needs of your students. You will learn to communicate from what you are hearing in such a way as to stimulate discovery from within. The role of yoga teacher that we are developing in this module, we are calling the Soma Yoga Therapist.


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