What people say about Soma

Nicole delivers the beautiful teaching of yoga from her vast experience with love, inspiration, grace and poetry. Her soulful and immaculate integration of diverse teachings offers students the most wonderful map to navigate through the landscape and find their way home. Nicole taught me to dance, to play, to practice with devotion and discipline. She helped me find my Warrior, to know when to soften, to step into my greatness and to find and listen to my inner teacher to guide me on my way home. My deepest gratitude goes to Nicole for inspiring me over the last 10 years and guiding me to find and follow my dreams. Paula, Yoga Teacher

Soma yoga has been one of the most nourishing experiences of my life , if i had to describe Soma Yoga in a nut shell it would be all the best parts of a brilliant Yoga training , plus the real essence part is the way it totally nourishes you as a complete amazing being, and for to believe in yourself and you to be totally you , i really love Soma Yoga and i recommend it to the whole world.
Tony Taylor creator of New Earth Drinks

I was drawn to Soma Yoga at The Santosha Yoga Festival in Glastonbury as the teaching was heart felt and supportive, enabling me to trust the process and relax into a space where I could sit quietly with heart and soul. I felt the yoga to be healing and a platform and space in which to dive deeply and freely. Soma yoga creator Nicole, has a wealth of yoga experience and as a student you can appreciate her knowledge and how she has worked hard to create the materials and form the programme of teacher training course. The programme carefully takes you through the stages of yoga, whilst at the same time provides you with the opportunity to find and walk your own soul path, rather than follow a dogma, which enables you to teach from an authentic original place. Sarah

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